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A Person Stands on an Empty Stage
Group of 4
2023.11 - 2024.5
Game Designer (Gameplay&Interaction) / Project Manager / UI Designer
A Person Stands on an Empty Stage is a digital, single-player game that adds a surrealist take to the aesthetics and structures of performing on stage in order to explore questions around identity and the self, how it’s constructed and deconstructed, and what it takes to devote one’s life to a craft. 

​Check out the trailor:

My role:

Sept.- Dec

Project Manager


One of the storyboards I made for our early version of game, introducing the core mechanics "In & Out of Character"

Interactable prototypes for our early version

Technical stuffs: write scripts for the vfx for texts/ Rigging for character etc.

Design / Art / Implementation / Programming

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